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Founded in 2012, Body Politic is an Oxford-based company that specialises in Street Dance, Fitness and Yoga classes. We run a wide variety of regular classes and workshops in Oxford for all ages and abilities.

In addition to our regular timetable of classes, Body Politic has entered an exciting stage of their professional development; creating professional work for the stage and touring. Body Politic is committed to addressing the growing prevalence of mental health issues in young people. 

Our Objectives

We aspire to…

  • make high quality dance accessible to everyone
  • build a strong sustainable and well managed organisation
  • provide and promote participatory arts programmes which reach children and young people and include those that are vulnerable, at risk or excluded
  • expand and grow our participation work with mental health charities and health care professionals.


Our Values

We believe…

  • dance can inspire everyone in many ways.
  • collaboration is the key to success.
  • in the power of dance to improve emotional and physical wellbeing in individuals.
  • in being open to new ideas, new people & partnerships and new ways of working.


Our Artistic Values

We provide a nurturing, enriching and supportive environment which...

  • places people at the heart of its work.
  • works with individuals from all backgrounds and ages to improve self-confidence and self-esteem through dance.
  • engages diverse audiences in innovative issue-based professional dance work.
  • creates exciting and empowering opportunities for people within theatre and dance.


Body Politic Team Member Emma-Jane Greig Founder and Company Director


Founder & Company Director

Body Politic Team Member Christian Villaflor Design And Media


Design & Media

Body Politic Team Member Isaac Ouro Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager

Body Politic Team Member Stephen Brown Choreographer



Body Politic Team Member Derek Mok Choreographer




Emily Winfield:

Emily Winfield has over 10 years of experience working in the arts. Her arts management career started at Pegasus Theatre in Oxford, as Creative Producer programming the professional performances and producing the in-house productions. In 2013 Emily joined Studio Wayne McGregor in London as their Touring Producer, booking, negotiating and planning the company’s national and international performances, special projects and interventions. Since June 2017 Emily has been Company Manager for Tavaziva Dance, responsible for the day-to-day running of the Company and its delivery of operations, logistics of the touring productions and the programme of activities. Emily joined Body Politic’s board of Directors in June 2017.

Annie Sillence:

Annie studied Psychology at the University of Nottingham and graduated with first class honours in 2011. Annie has previously worked in mental health, the head injury charity sector, and cognitive neuroscience research and has a range of experience supporting vulnerable adults and young people. Annie currently coordinates a project called Active Body Healthy Mind at Oxfordshire Mind, which aims to support people who are struggling with their mental health to engage in sport and physical activity. She is a qualified personal trainer and BOX instructor and a keen believer that exercise is a fantastic way of improving both mental and physical health. Annie works closely with anyone who is struggling with their mental health, and offers tangible support and advice to help people to get more physically active.

In 2016 Annie began working with Body Politic, who provided street dance sessions to people using Oxfordshire Mind's services. These sessions were a huge success, and have helped many people to engage in dance as an expressive art, a form of releasing stress and expressing emotion, and as a fantastic way to get active. Emma-Jane led the sessions in a wonderfully inclusive, relaxed and supportive manner, allowing people to take part without fear of judgment.

Annie is proud to be a board member for Body Politic, whose passion for supporting others and reducing mental health stigma is truly inspiring.

Sarah Crowther:

Sarah's area of expertise is empowering ambitious business owners, working the longer hours who are no closer to achieving their goals. Her solution is called the Marketing Overdrive System and is designed to get everything in place so business owners can focus on what is necessary to achieve their ambitions. Since she was young Sarah has always had a love of dancing, whether that was classes after school or just on a night out with friends. Sarah first met Emj at a local networking event, soon after she started attending the adult street dance classes and loved the level of camaraderie and confidence that she and her fellow attendees gained each week. After engaging in marketing consulting work for Body Politic and learning even more about the benefits this wonderful company brings to so many people, especially surrounding mental health, she was then thrilled to be asked to become a Director.

Sarah is very much looking forward to bringing her marketing knowledge and experience, from running her own business for the last 3 years and before that working for a number of organisations. She is extremely excited about the next stage of developments and the future of Body Politic!